Raw veggie soup

mmmmmmmmmmmm just made RAW veggie soup in my Vita Mix, happy happy YUM. water, tomatoe, carrot, cabbage, cilantro, garlic, secret spices, blap it up, drink/eat mas quantities of YUMMINESS~
it never ceases to amaze me that I can eat two boca burgers, or 1/2 a cheese pizza, but when it comes to raw food, I eat about 1/4 of what I normally eat. I drank/ate 1 cup of soup, and that filled me up.
I think it is because our bodies know that it is actually receiving nutrition, and so we only eat a certain amount,
Where with cooked food, we really aren’t getting any nutrition at all.
Why won’t doctors learn?  it seems so odd to me, that they take an oath to “do no harm” then give us prescription medication. What’s up with THAT?
Have a beautiful 4th of July, I’m relaxing, trying to keep all my animals safe inside and feeling loved and protected.
Thank goodness my doggin is old and almost deaf, he can smell the gunpowder in the fire crackers, and he can hear them a little, but mostly, he’s just laying at my feet, and looking up at me to keep him safe.
I’m a good pack leader, he’s safe with me.

~ by rawpriestess on July 4, 2010.

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