Raw jury~


Jury Duty!  Such a challenging, yet interesting process.

Since my physical address, and my mailing address are two different addresses, as I live very rural, and mail is often taken from the physical box, I never use it.

About once a month, the mail person, requests that I open it up and remove all the junk mail. I personally think that she should just NOT deliver me junk mail, but that seems to be too difficult for her to do, so I accomodate her by going and removing the junk mail.

Well, I did this on Thursday, and there was a summons to appear on Monday– today — for Jury duty.

Now, I am self employed, and jury duty lasts two weeks. Which I simply can not be away from my office that long.  If I could, I’d be in Hawaii right now!

The courthouse does not have wifi, so I am unable to use my laptop there. So, I would have simply sent in the request to be excused, but it needed to be in to them several weeks ago.  So, I got up at 5am and drove through the immensely dense fog, in the dark, at night, in rush hour traffic, UGH!   So I could be there at 7:30 am, so I could get a close parking spot, (as I am hobbling around, with my cane, as I blew out my knee–AGAIN!– IF I would EVER go to a doctor, I would have had a doctor’s note to say I needed a disabled parking space, but again– I never go and I knew I’d have to hike down some hills- as Tacoma is one big hill–and go through all the scanners and get to the jury registration, prior to the jury selection at 8:30. I was SO lucky, as I got a parking spot right up front.


Well, after the almost strip search, — thank goodness, I thought ahead, and left BOTH of my knives at home, as I always carry my swiss army knife, and my swiss army card–both have come in handy many times with knives, pins, pens, scissors, rulers, etc. — they looked at my bottle of water, they opened my books, they made me raise up my pant’s legs, and I don’t even own underware, but I’m glad I told them that, because they were making people take their clothes off in front of God/dess and everybody. LOL– Okay– not quite– but close.

Well, after all of that, I finally got up to the jury room, and waited in line, when it came to being registered,they asked me if I could easily be available for two weeks. — you see the operative word was — EASILY — which of course, I was honest, and said “No,” I explained that I wanted to do my civic duty, but I couldn’t do it “EASILY” so they said I was excused.

Fast and easy and simple.

I would have been happy giving them some time, or if I had more warning (I changed my address for them) I could have maybe made arrangements, I’ve served on a jury before, and it was pretty boring, although intriguing.

I suppose it’s because I am a different shade of horse, as I believe that IF there is a law, and you choose to live in that society with that law, then you should obey that law— or move. I also believe that there are many sides to every story, and that people can and do strange things when they feel they have no way out.

Given my way of thinking, I can not easily make the judgement of who is guilty, although I have high ethics, and I can definitely say who followed the law.  So………….. would I be a good juror or not? Maybe, maybe not. As our judicial system, isn’t about who is right and who is wrong, it appears to be about who has a better attorney. Which in my ethical opinion, isn’t fair.

I was talking to my son about this, he has a cousin,– that we both love — but who has had misdemeanors, assaults, dui’s, arrests far and wide, multiple times, ever since he was a young teen, and they always let him out. Every time, with no by your leave! Which, although I LOVE him, I do not think is fair. As I also know people who have never had any kind of trouble, end up going to jail for two years. So, our system is NOT fair.  Although, I’m sure that it is right for the person at their time of manifesting their sentence.

That is one of the many reasons, that I drive the speed limit, even when people honk, and flip me off, I drive the speed limit, just because they are annoyed by me, and they think I SHOULD drive as they do, I will continue to drive the speed limit, as I believe in following the laws of the land that I choose to live in.

What does this have to do with eating raw? Everything, as I also feel that I MUST follow those 100% raw rules to the max, and maybe that is why, I get honked at and flipped off, by cooked food. LOL just a thought.

Have a beautiful evening.– I will — NOW, that I can relax, and not worry about getting downtown in rush hour at the crack of dawn- tomorrow, WHEW!– So glad I work from home, just SEEING women in nylons, freeked me out!

~ by rawpriestess on February 8, 2010.

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